Grandmas smoke weed for the first time

Have you seen this yet? It’s six minutes of grandmas smoking weed, snacking, playing board games and making sex jokes. I like the part where they need vocab lessons.


Here are some cute hamsters serving drinks and sushi


Because there aren’t enough pictures of cute things on the internet. These are from Twitter user @Kawanabesatou, who is Japanese – OBVIOUSLY – and who likes to create little scenes with hamsters serving food and beverages, then share them with us. It’s like that time the hedgehog had a birthday party and it all went to hell, only with sake.


hamster6 hamster5 hamster4 hamster3 hamster

The world’s most popular BS “facts” that everyone is always spewing

Napoleon wasn’t short, ancient Romans didn’t eat until they puked in a vomitorium, and you can’t see the Great Wall of China from Space. I’m sorry. But you can’t.

Everybody everywhere needs to read this. If you’re one of those people that enjoy (One of those people that enjoy? One of those people that enjoys? I think it’s enjoy. But I always feel like I get this wrong) saying that people only use 10% of their brains, then you need to read it twice.

It’s an infographic listing the most popular mythconceptions, or the many things you probably thought were true but aren’t.

Thank you to David McCandless at Information is Beautiful, where you can see a larger version. 

(I got this via Geekologie)



Pepperoni pizza bed




Here is a bed that looks like a pepperoni pizza. But what if you’re a vegetarian? Do they have a vegetarian option? Can I get one that’s half pepperoni and half meatless? And I like thin crust. Can you do thin crust? Extra cheese. Ooh! And can I have extra garlic? Thaaaaaaaanks.

(via the appropriately named Emotional Rainbow)

Grandparents accidentally tagging Grandmaster Flash on Facebook


So, you know how Facebook autofills every single stupid thing as a tag, so you’re always like “NO, I DON’T WANT TO TAG BOB, I’M TRYING TO WRITE THE WORD “BORED” GODF*CKINGDAMMITWHATISWRONGWITH YOU!?”

Well, it seems that when grandparents try to type “Grandma” or “Grandpa” it autofills as Grandmaster Flash, and they don’t always catch it, so they wind up sending Facebook messages and signing them “Grandmaster Flash” – which is fitting. Geddit? Geddit? He’s sending a…messsssssage? Geddit?

And now there’s a Tumblr dedicated to the phenomenon, because even though autotagging sucks, the world is awesome.

Checkit. (Via Buzzfeed)

gf3 gf4 gf6


Spider photobombs selfie like a BOSS

LOL. This is harvested from a gif, I think.

Those poor girls. That poor spider. Ain’t nobody happy. Except me. This is comedy gold.

Keep going for the gif (not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg, though)

spider1 spider2 spider3 spider4 spider7 spider6 spider8 spider9 spider10 spider11


Dude dresses a dog as a giant spider and scares the bejesus out of people

I actually hate this trend of pranking people. What if you scare a pregnant woman half to death and she has a miscarriage or something? Assholes.

THAT BEING SAID, this is really, really funny.

Ducks showcase fashions from the 1800s


Here are those pictures you’ve been waiting for from the Pied Piper Duck Show in Sydney Australia.

According to Brian Harrington, who runs the show:

“The famous dressed up ducks have their own dressmaker who individually styles each costume to a theme or era. We have covered day wear, evening wear, bridal wear, race day attire, ‘Dryzabone’ and even a Jane McGrath Foundation inspired gown. They are currently showcasing costumes from the 1800’s era as well as favourites from the past.”

(Via My Modern Met)

ducks3 ducks4 ducks5 ducks6 ducks7 ducks8

Penguin slap fight


“No, you stoppit.”

“No, you.”

“OK. Let’s all stoppit.”

“HEY! Stoppit.”

“No, you stoppit.”

Puppy takes leap of faith and it all turns out awesome

I want a doooooog! I want a dog. I WANT A DOG.



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