Echidna sneezing

Here is an echidna sneezing. Gesundheit, little dude.

(via Incredible Things)

Two girls try to make each other swallow a cockroach, because Japan

I don’t know what the prize is for the winner of this Japanese game show but I can’t think of anything that would induce me to participate.


Wookiee hoodie


This hoodie called the I Am Chewie by We Love Fine makes you look like Chewbacca from the waist up. I like it. It will probably come in handy if you find yourself in a hostile neighbourhood on Kashyyyk and want to blend it, as long as you’re sitting down, of course, like driving your car. As soon as you stood up and weren’t wearing Wookiee pants your cover would be blown.

Chewie_3 Chewie(Via Laughing Squid)

These floors are magic


I want this. I’m in love up in here. These are epoxy floors by Dubai company Imperial. LOOK IT IS A DOLPHIN IN YOUR FLOOR, AND FISH, AND A WATERFALL.

I cannot get one, though, because it needs to be done by craftspeople, so I’ll wait until someone in Canada picks up on the idea, which they will because it’s too cool to ignore. Check it out. These floors are amazing.

Floor_4 Floor_3 Floor_2 Floor_1(Via Bored Panda)

Sloth taking selfies

Seriously. Frikkin narcissists and their damn selfies. Must be a millennial sloth.

Lego classic rock bands


A guy named Adly Syairi Ramly has turned some Lego figures into rock bands. I bet these would sell, though I will admit that I thought Jimi Hendrix was Phil Lynott at first. There are more at Guitar Player.

the-clash-lego jimi-hendrix-lego led-zeppelin-lego the-beatles-lego metallica-lego

A wetsuit that is also a suit suit

In case you need to go surfing (or do something else that requires a wetsuit) and attend an important meeting on the same day, this suit by Quiksilver retails in Japan for $2,500. There’s also a tux version if it’s a black tie event instead of a meeting. Or a black tie meeting. I don’t know if those exist, but they probably do.

The jacket, pants, and tie are made of 2mm rubbery Neoprene, and the shirt is made from something called “Dryflight,” which I probably don’t need to know anymore about since I don’t surf.

The guy in the video is cute. Just sayin’

(Via Gizmodo)

Crazy detailed Big Trouble In Little China sleeve tattoo

big-trouble-in-little-china-tattoo-1 - Copy

Holy cats, this guy really liked the Movie Big Trouble In Little China, I guess. I know it’s supposed to be like this huge classic that everyone loves and everything but to be honest I didn’t even make it through the damn thing, which I recently tried to watch. No so this guy, obvs.

The ink is by Paul Acker at Deep Six Tattoos, should you want one yourself, and it is apparently not finished yet.

(Via Geekologie)

big-trouble-in-little-china-tattoo-2 - Copy big-trouble-in-little-china-tattoo-3 - Copy big-trouble-in-little-china-tattoo-4 big-trouble-in-little-china-tattoo-4-5 big-trouble-in-little-china-tattoo-6

Bigfoot is hiding in a bundt cake

Here’s a bundt cake. It’s not just any bundt cake, it’s the bundt cake where Bigfoot is hiding. I just realized I don’t actually know what a bundt cake is, but I assume it’s some kind of cake.

I would eat this.

You can get the recipe at Nerdist and make it for me.

bigfoot_cake bigfoot_cake_2

Kid with mad skillz solves Rubik’s Cube while spinning on his head

What the what???

I can’t spin on my head or solve the Rubik’s Cube. I was that kid who learned to do one side, and did that over and over again until I got bored and took off all the stickers then put them back on to make it look solved.

This kid will go on to do great things with his life.

I will go on to have a drink.



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