Indie candidate somewhere in BC slays dragons & has laser eyes in campaign video


Do you live in Mission Matsqui Fraser Canyon? It’s somewhere in BC, apparently. If you do you should vote for this guy, I think.


I see your smokey eye and raise you the Little Prince (supercool eye makeup)


Tal Peleg is an artist who uses eyes for her canvas.

“Makeup is an amazing form of art, and I use it in order to make my eye tell a story. I don’t just paint on the eye, but try to use the shape of the eye and its natural curves as part of the illustration in a creative way,” she writes on Bored Panda.

Even better, I Googled her and it looks like she’s doing this on her own eyes! Amazing! I can’t even put on eyeliner.

Eye-art__1 Eye-art_3
Eye-art_8 Eye-art_10 Eye-art_11 Eye-art_12 Eye-art_13 Eye-art_6

Butterflies drinking turtle tears, and why turtles cry


Here is a picture of Julia Butterflies (Dryas iulia) drinking the tears of turtles in Ecuador.

“The turtles placidly permit the butterflies to sip from their eyes as they bask on a log. This ‘tear-feeding’ is a phenomenon known as lachryphagy which is a type of mud-puddling.” Which leads us to the next question: What’s “mud puddling”?

Well, Wikipedia says, “Mud-puddling, or simply puddling, is behaviour most conspicuous in butterflies, but occurs in other animals as well, mainly insects; they seek out certain moist substances such as rotting plant matter, mud and carrion and they suck up the fluid.”

I have another question: why is the turtle crying?

According to Exploring Nature,  “When Sea turtles cry, it is not because they are sad. They have a gland that empties into their eyes that helps them get rid of too much salt that they collect living in the salty ocean. You can only see their tears when they are out of the water on land, of course, and the tears also help keep sand out of the turtle’s eyes.”

OK. I’m glad he didn’t just get left by his wife or something.

I have no idea why I just assumed the turtle is a boy.

This photo was recently named Wikimedia Commons 2014 Picture of the Year.

(Via Twisted Sifter)


Dog anchors the news

Is this Japanese? It’s probably Japanese. Whatever. At 0:50 I died.


Uptown Funk as sung by 280 movies. WHO HAS THIS KIND OF TIME?


No, seriously. WHO HAS THIS KIND OF TIME???? If you devoted one tenth of the energy it took to create this to eradicating world hunger or I don’t know, finding a way to communicate with aliens or whales or mollusks or something, just think of what you could accomplish!!! JUST THINK.

Instead we have this. Which it cool too, I guess.

Tauntaun cookies spill candy guts

tauntaun-cookie-background-1024x753Someone made tauntaun cookies with candy innards that spill out.

This is the sort of thing I will never ever do myself. But if you are the kind of person who does this sort of thing, here is the recipe. Even better if you live close to me and can make them and then drop some off at my house. Just for me. My husband is “paleo,” which is synonymous with “crazy,” so he doesn’t eat cookies whether they have candy innards or not. I don’t understand it either.

tauntaun-cut tauntaun2cut tauntaun-face tauntaun-filling tauntaun-cookie Tauntaun-cookie-recipe-1010x1024


The crazy Tree of 40 Fruit grows 40 fruits


This an artist’s rendition (not the actual tree) of the Tree of 40 Fruit created by artist Sam Van Aken. It’s a hybrid tree he created by grafting trees together, because there are people who do that sort of thing. It can grow over 40 varieties of stone fruits, hence the name.

The Tree of 40 Fruit is an ongoing series of hybridized fruit trees by contemporary artist Sam Van Aken. Each unique Tree of 40 Fruit grows over forty different types of stone fruit including peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, cherries, and almonds. Sculpted through the process of grafting, the Tree of 40 Fruit blossom in variegated tones of pink, crimson and white in spring, and in summer bear a multitude of fruit. Primarily composed of native and antique varieties the Tree of 40 Fruit are a form of conversation, preserving heirloom stone fruit varieties that are not commercially produced or available.

National Geographic recently interviewed Van Aken. Here’s video.


40_fruit_2 40_fruit_3

(via Laughing Squid)

Miss Piggy sings Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money”

I’ll just leave this here.


A hummingbird feeder you wear on your face

eye2eye_hummingbird_feederThis is the Eye2Eye wearable hummingbird feeder from HeatStick.  You wear it on your head and tiny little hummingbirds come and eat right in front of your face.

From the website:

“It is based on a Full-Face Face Shield with a miniaturized hummingbird feeding tube built into it on the inside. Hummingbirds feed right in front of your eyes, right between your eyes, about an inch above your nose …”


Here is a video of it in action. What I can’t tell is how long that guy sat there waiting for a hummingbird to come and eat from his face feeder. Maybe it’s a trained hummingbird. I don’t know if that’s a thing, but it would be cool, right?

(via Incredible Things)


This is a slug that looks like a bunny


It’s rare that I think slugs are kind of cute, but this one is. It’s a Jorunna Parva and he’s got little ears and everything. Sort of. Bored Panda says, “This tiny sea slug’s bunny ears are actually rhinophores, or chemosensory scent/taste organs that help them detect chemicals in the water and make their way across the ocean floor. They can be found from the Indian Ocean to the Philippines to Japan.”

Slugbunny would have been a good name for an all-girl 1990s rock band.

slugbunny1 slugbunny slugbunnygifslugbunny4

(Images: Saan Rina / ダイブストアエグザイル /


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