Swimsuit model pumps up the jam

Here is an American Apparel model busting moves to Technotronic’s “Pump Up The Jam.”

Now “Pump Up The Jam” is stuck in my head. This is not actually as rare an occurrence as one might imagine. I actually get “Pump Up The Jam” stuck in my head on a fairly regular basis. I have no idea why this is. But it is.

The best cello rendition of ACDC’s Thunderstruck you’ll hear all day

This is actually amazing.

I have mixed feeling about symphonic metal, metal acts playing with orchestras, and string covers of metal tracks (which are usually Metallica tracks). But this? This.  THIS.

These guys are Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser of Croatia, known as 2Cellos.

Indie movie trailer parody

This is pretty funny. Not as funny as this but amusing nonetheless.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?


Gemma Arterton would play me in the movie of my life, which would be a “hilarious rom-com” because I am “super awesome.” I’m not even sure who she is, but sure. Why not?

Want to see who would play you? Answer the questionnaire. I tried to be as honest as possible, because what’s the point otherwise?

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Video proves that all the country music of 2013 sounds the same


I’m not one of those people who hate new country. I like it sometimes. And I don’t think music has to be deep all the farking time.

People love to go on about how lyrics were so great in the good old days and how now it’s all “baby baby baby oooh, yeah,” but have you ever listened to Love Me Do or I Wanna Hold Your Hand? Not exactly Blake, is it? Or how about ALL THE BLUES? Muddy Waters wasn’t much of a lyricist, but we don’t use that to illustrate a lack of worth, do we?

That being said, this supercut video, put together by EW’s country music writer Grady Smith to demonstrate how all the country music of 2013 sounds exactly the same is pretty great. Trucks, girls, girls in tight jeans, and girls being invited to get in trucks. In the moonlight. By the river. Brilliant.

(via Laughing Squid)

Anchorman recreated with cats


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: some people have a lot of extra time on their hands. How do they DO IT???

I am so bad at time management. I’m late for everything. I always feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day. I don’t get to exercise or have cool hobbies or take that sommelier course I’ve always wanted to take…or travel…some days I don’t even get to shower.

MEANWHILE, there are people out there poring over Barak Obama speeches to find split second clips so they can put together fake videos of the POTUS singing LMFAO tunes. Or doing this: Recreating Anchorman with their cats.  What? The? Fark? WHO HAS THIS KIND OF TIME??? (The same people who brought us Elf recreated with pugs, apparently.)

I need to go to bed now. I’m exhausted. Happy Caturday in advance.

(via Neatorama)

“Elf” recreated with pugs is best idea ever


If, like most of us, when you watched the movie Elf, starring Will Ferrell, you thought, “This is OK but it would be much better if all the actors were pugs,” you’re in luck!

This kid is going to go far in life.

This guy spent 25k of “Walter Mitty” promo money on disaster relief


Filmmaker Casey Neistat was offered $25,000 by 20th Century Fox to create a video about “living your dreams” as part of the ad campaign for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. He used it to help typhoon victims in the Philippines.

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Benedict Cumberbatch reads R. Kelly lyrics


It’s Friday. So, let’s watch Benedict Cumberbatch reading R. Kelly lyrics on Jimmy Kimmel.

“Bodies so freaking soft. I can’t wait to turn you on….You got me like, la la la la la, baby. Is how you make me feel, baby. I can feel your body flowers, while I’m kissing on your thighs…”

I just happened to have the “Otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch” pic lying around, so figured I might as well use it.

Anyhoo. Enjoy.

Cute “How to fight a baby” video causes uproar! Uproar, I tell you!


This is Gavin McInnes.

He’s one of the founders of Vice magazine and is also, apparently, known as the “Godfather of Hipsterdom,” though I have no idea who gave him that name.

I once knew Gavin a little bit, because I used to write for Vice magazine, back when it was called Voice in the … I’m gonna say early nineties. Mid nineties?  Whatever. (I don’t think he has anything to do with the magazine anymore) But we’re Facebook friends, so you totally know that’s like almost besties, even though I haven’t seen him in maybe 15 years.

In this video he demonstrates how to fight a baby, using his supercute own baby as an opponent (Seriously, that kid is gorgeous. But not as gorgeous as mine).  It’s clear that the kid is having an awesome time. Despite that, though, the video has been causing something of a stir online. Check out this Inside Edition report. Who is that angry woman even? Am I supposed to trust her because she’s wearing a lab coat? That is NOT how shaken baby syndrome happens. What’s going on with the world?

Anyway, here’s the video. Do you think it’s funny? Or are you angry about it? That’s a trick question since you can’t answer it, as I don’t allow comments on this blog. Too much spam. Sorry.


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