More people need to read this comic book about North Korea by Guy Delisle

Whenever I tell people about this, NOBODY believes me, but there is a lot of animation being made in North Korea by Europeans and North Americans who live in Pyongyang. Nobody believes me because everyone thinks nobody is allowed to go there. But Quebecois animator Guy Delisle went and wrote a comic book about it, which was published in 2003. I have a copy somewhere in my house. In it, Delisle describes arriving in the city carrying a copy of George Orwell’s “1984” and being taken straight to lay flowers at the feet of the Great Leader. He is not allowed to walk around the city unaccompanied by a guide but when he does sneak out, the streets are virtually deserted. He sees no disabled people and is told North Korea doesn’t have any of those. He describes the International Friendship Museum, which is essentially a building full of all the gifts that have been given to the Great Leader, so, like, neckties and a refrigerator, to prove how well loved he is.  The book is interesting and creepy and awesome. I have told at least three people about it this month alone and I can’t understand why more people haven’t read it. READ IT.

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