New Die Antwoord video!

Here is a new Die Antwoord video. It’s no Enter the Ninja but it could grow on me, maybe. Apparently, they’ve just split from their label Interscope and are releasing their next album independently. This is probably smart, since the hype pretty much poofed off into the ether somewhere between the Ninja video release, the world tour and the debut album drop.

The video is for the single “Fok Julle Naaiers,” and you should not watch if you’re freaked out by creepy crawly things. Yo-Landi told Boing Boing (via Spin) this track is special because “It features the first rap verse by the real DJ HI-TEK, our gay deejay, who haz just bust out da closet wif a muddafuckn vengeance!”

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