Nutliquor? I hardly even knew her. Hahahahahahaaaaaa!

So, this made my day, until I realized it will probably be a long time until we can get it in Canada. This is Nutliquor, which is obviously the best name ever, and it is peanut butter flavoured Vodka. The website says “Drinking nutliquor is like drinking the center of a peanut butter cup. Peanut butter, smell, creamy texture, a little warmth going down, and a lingering peanut butter cup aftertaste. Delicious!”

It also says “Nutliquor contains no peanut allergies” – I think they mean allergens? – “and was created to be enjoyed neat.”

(via Laughingsquid and Bostondrunks)


1 thought on “Nutliquor? I hardly even knew her. Hahahahahahaaaaaa!

  1. It’s in Canada now!

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