The lady behind the airport voice

I love this sort of thing. It’s like, oh my God, the voice at the airport telling me not to leave my bag unattended and that my flight is delayed actually belongs to a person! Same as the time I saw a video about Don LaFontaine, the voice of Law & Order (“In the criminal justice system…blah blah…” Dun DUN!) and, like, a million movie trailers. He died in 2008 but before that he was Thunder Throat (erm, ha!) and The Voice of God.

This is the woman behind airport announcements. And she seems like a nice lady.

On the other hand, if I ever meet that bitch Andrea who used to answer whenever I called Fido…I think I might punch her in the face (not really) and DON’T GET  ME STARTED ON BELL CANADA’S EMILY. SHE SAYS “UM…I DIDN’T GET THAT.” BITCH! COMPUTERS DON’T SAY “UM.” GODDAMMITSOMUCH.


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