India’s Got Talent is farking insane

These dudes are everywhere on the web over the past couple of weeks. So, I can’t imagine you missed it, but if you have just woken up from a coma or returned from outer space (and in either case, congratulations!) The Warriors of Goja were recent contestants on India’s Got Talent.

They remind me of this guy my friend once had a one night stand with who used to hammer himself with nails and walk on swords and stuff, on stage, as part of a show. Those freakshow and sideshow things were everywhere in the 1990s. I won’t share either of their names because she is SUPER embarrassed about it and if I ever want to shut her up about anything I’ve ever done, all I have to do is remind her of it.

Anyway, I can’t figure out if the Warriors of Goja have a philosophy or anything  but I can note that India’s Got Talent looks like a lot more fun than America’s Got Talent.

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