Speak like Kristen Stewart (a how to guide)

I’m always trying to figure out what bugs me so much about Kristen Stewart (even though, not being a watcher of the Twilight movies, I don’t actually see much of her). Well, I think this woman has pretty much nailed it in her how to speak like K-Stew guide with tips like “look nauseous.”

For the record, however, I disagree VEHEMENTLY with the statement that K-Stew is “hot.” It always makes me feel like I’m taking crazy pills when people talk about this woman is though she’s a raving beauty. Look, she looks fine. I’m not mad at her looks. If you brought her out to dinner as your new girlfriend, I’d think she was cute. But the very idea that the WHOLE PLOT of Snow White and the Huntsman is supposed to be based around the notion that Kristen Stewart is better looking that Charlize Theron is so stupid it got fired from the M&M factory because it kept throwing out all the Ws. Just had to get that out there. (Video actually went up in July but I just discovered it via Doobybrain)

(Image: lukeford.net)

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