The cutest baby fruit bat you will see all day (unless you work at a bat sanctuary, I guess)

This is a short-tailed fruit bat and his name is Lil Drac. Ahhhhh!

Though he is superadorable, you should not pick up a lil fruit bat should you come across one, as bats sometimes have rabies and that can kill you.

Lil’ Drac was taken in by Bat World Sanctuary after his mother abandoned him. Don’t judge her too harshly – she was traumatized when the zoo where she was living closed and she had to be moved.

This clip is like a how-to for raising baby bats – stroke them with cotton swaps to simulate a mother’s tongue, feed them formula by soaking a sponge – but don’t forget what I said about not getting your own bat.

The sanctuary’s website has crashed today thanks to the popularity of the video.

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