Florida: Call # on sign to report missing sign. Wait..what?

This is an actual thing, and not a hoax.

John Stossel of Fox Business called The Florida Department of Revenue and asked for an explanation. He was told, “A vending machine operator that does not place the notice on the machine presumably is not in compliance with the other requirements such as registration and payment of the tax.”

So, it just like Van Halen’s famous rider clause demanding no brown M&M’s anywhere in the backstage area on penalty of forfeiture of the show with full payment to the band. This has gone down in legend as an example of the band’s diva behaviour at the height of their career (late 70’s-early 80s). But in reality it was a test to see that producers were paying attention, since VH gigs were so technically complex for the time. David Lee Roth explained in his 1997 book Crazy from the Heat, “ if I saw a brown M&M in that bowl . . . well, line-check the entire production.  Guaranteed you’re going to arrive at a technical error.  They didn’t read the contract.  Guaranteed you’d run into a problem.  Sometimes it would threaten to just destroy the whole show.  Something like, literally, life-threatening.”

See? The same! Sort of.

But the question remains…if the sign is missing, how do we know what number to call?

(Image via popehat)

1 thought on “Florida: Call # on sign to report missing sign. Wait..what?

  1. Haha! yea it is true, no one will ever no what number to call. Oh what brilliant minds at The Florida Department of Revenue!

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