Creepy Lindsay Lohan morph

Presumably this is by the same guy who did the Britney Spears morph I posted over on recently. It’s a morph video of the evolution of Lindsay Lohan’s face. Creepy and really, really compelling. What is is about these things that make them so damned fascinating? And why has she done this to herself?

In other news, I’m starting to lose hope for Lindsay Lohan and that’s such a shame. Not only is she a really good actress and the star of Mean Girls, the best high school movie ever (in my mind…today), but I feel like life has been really fucking mean to her. Just a sense I get from the fact that her parents are allegedly total batshiat crazy wacka ding hoy nutbars, as well as the endless abuse she takes from tabloids and the public. It’s like watching someone sink under the weight of her own tragedy, as entertainment.


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