World Shin Kicking championships

This both delights and disturbs me.

DELIGHTS because whenever I am angry/mock angry at my husband, I like to kick him in the shins, repeatedly. At first this confounded him. “What are you DOING!?” he asked the first time, alarmed, way back in the olden days. But, ten or eleven years later, he has been battered into an uneasy acceptance.

DISTURBS because these guys are kicking each other kind of hard. It’s a little weird.

This is the annual Shin Kicking Championship, held at the Cotswold Olimpicks.

The UK Telegraph says, “There are few rules, but competitors are not allowed to simply perform a sweeping manoeuvre as used in Judo. This is very much a full contact sport and stamina is just as important as speed and agility. ”

Natch! Read more about that here.

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