Africans release charity single for Norway

This is hilarious.

Africa is giving back to Norway with the charity single “Africa for Norway,” asking Africans to send their radiators to those poor, freezing Norwegians, pointing out that freezing is “just as bad as starving.”

According to this BBC report, the point they’re trying to make is that “just as it’s inaccurate to show all Norwegians as freezing to death, it’s equally misleading to show Africa as a continent of only war, disease and hunger.”

Brilliant, good natured and funny. I love it.

I also love this comment posted on the vid’s YouTube page:

“Please don’t do this. Sure it’s cold at times, but we here in Norway are managing. If you do this, then you will destroy every radiator producer and importer, and make us dependant on your aid. It would incetivize us to sit and waith for aid, in stead of preparing for winter. I bet you have the best of intentions, but I think the results would be horrendous beyond your imagination.”

Learn more at the website:



Check out this version of Carmen

There is something so very French about these guys. You know?

It’s worth the price of admission just for the guy with the balloon.

William Shatner sings about the dangers of deep frying a turkey

I’ve only recently learned about the deep fried turkey but, apparently, it’s how a lot of Americans like to cook their Thanksgiving dinner and it’s a HUGE danger. As far as I understand it, the United States is home to countless deep fried turkey accidents every year. People get burned! Homes are destroyed in the quest for a moister, tastier turkey!

Oh, look! Here’s William Shatner to tell you all about it in a mix by Melody Sheep. Be safe America! Succulent meat is not worth your life! (via Laughing Squid)

Dude says the longest word in the English language

This guy is supposedly pronouncing the “longest word in the English language,” which is the name of the chemical compound titin, contains 189,819 letters and takes over three hours.

There’s some debate though, as to whether it’s actually a word, as it’s not in the dictionary and some people would say it’s really just “verbal formulae.” So says Wikipedia anyway, and who am I to argue with a publicly edited resource?

I admit I skipped around and did not watch the full three and a half hours and I noted it’s not all done in one sitting and there are edits…still…interesting.


What does it even mean to “live without irony” anyway?

Identity and aesthetics in the post ironic age interest me a great deal and I’ve been waiting anxiously for someone to write a book and explain everything, so I was excited when I discovered this NYT opinion piece by Christy Wampole titled “How to Live Without Irony.”
In it, she ponders the hipster phenom and makes some very astute observations like “The ironic frame functions as a shield against criticism. The same goes for ironic living. Irony is the most self-defensive mode, as it allows a person to dodge responsibility for his or her choices, aesthetic and otherwise. To live ironically is to hide in public. It is flagrantly indirect, a form of subterfuge, which means etymologically to ‘secretly flee’ (subter + fuge). Somehow, directness has become unbearable to us.”
But I have to quibble with her suggestion that the 1990s were not ironic. If I recall correctly, the shift to ironic living happened in that decade and was massive. Garage sale kitsch was the height of home decor for the era’s own hipsters, the return of glam, kung fu movies, the popularity of little found objects, comics, zines about amputee sex fetishism…consumption in the nineties was a whole lot of ironic.
Ultimately, I also find Wampole’s conclusions lacking.
She suggests you “Look around your living space. Do you surround yourself with things you really like or things you like only because they are absurd?”
What she fails to acknowledge is that it’s perfectly possible to genuinely like things because they are absurd, particularly when that has been a part of your culture for almost as long as you can remember, and that the attempt to purge that from your aesthetic values in pursuit of some sort of “authenticity” as equally as disingenuous as hiding behind irony. For that matter, there are many reasons to “genuinely” like things based on your own personal history that may or may not include absurdity. And what does it even mean to “really” like something anyway?
Maybe what I really take issue with is the suggestion that living “without” irony is somehow more genuine than living with it. On the other hand, I find irony isn’t just cowardly but smug and contemptuous. So, I know Wampole is onto something here and I’m grateful she tackled the subject at all.
She makes a good point when she writes, “Listen to your own speech. Ask yourself: Do I communicate primarily through inside jokes and pop culture references? What percentage of my speech is meaningful? How much hyperbolic language do I use? Do I feign indifference?”
But loses the thread again with “Look at your clothes. What parts of your wardrobe could be described as costume-like, derivative or reminiscent of some specific style archetype (the secretary, the hobo, the flapper, yourself as a child)? In other words, do your clothes refer to something else or only to themselves? Do you attempt to look intentionally nerdy, awkward or ugly? In other words, is your style an anti-style?”
Because something is derivative does not mean it’s not genuine or beautiful. We live an age totally saturated in pop culture. EVERYTHING is derivative. And sometimes people try to look intentionally nerdy, awkward or ugly because they don’t feel physically beautiful and it’s a way of owning their appearance and finding their comfort zone. There’s nothing disingenuous about that and it’s been going on since long before the ironic takeover.
Finally, she concludes that the “most important question” is “How would it feel to change yourself quietly, offline, without public display, from within?”
I think a far more interesting and important question is “In what way do you feel your public self is a reflection of your private self and are these two separate things?” Because I think maybe they’re one and the same.
Wow. Apparently I had a lot more to say about this than I thought when I started this post!
Now would someone please write that book?

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This made me laugh

From the people who brought us “Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer” comes “The Dinner Party,” a story of betrayal and Pictionary. I’m a bit confused, though, as to why anyone would sleep with Stephen Evans, or whatever his name is.

Satan Lives in the haunted toaster

After my husband David and I watched this, he said “I think the most unbelievable part is that Satan would speak English. He’d probably speak aramaic or something.”

I said that I didn’t know. It seemed to me that Satan probably speaks several languages. I think he’d be a polyglot.

Baby tiger and chihuahua playing


Here is the cutest video of a baby tiger and a chihuahua being BFFs that you will see ALL DAY. The best part is the end where the dog is all “I got your nose mofo! No…wait, NOW I got your nose, no…NOW I got it!” (via Buzzfeed)

Craigslist vampire wants to suck your male AB- blood

A guy in Seattle is advertising himself on Craigslist as a vampire and looking for someone whose blood he can suck and who wants to have sex with him. Barf. Vampires are about as sexy as mosquitoes. I have never gotten the appeal. Why doesn’t this immortal trend die?

I can’t find the actual posting but this site says it reads like this:

“Greetings to everyone who is reading this. I am unable to give my name for obvious reason, but all you do need to know is that I am a vampire.

“I am in need of a blood donor for my personal use. Being a donor is not all fun and games, mixed with mysticism and sex; but it can be if that is what we wish.

“I am looking for either men or women, but I would prefer men since I lean more towards them in terms of blood and sex.

“It would also be great if you were either AB- or O-, for those are the blood types that I am used to.

“This would be an intimate, one-on-one, experience. I use a wide range of techniques, in case you would carry for something other than myself biting you.”

I think he means “care” for something other…

Coolest advent calendar ever

This company, Master of Malt, doesn’t ship to Canada and, even if they did, the farking extortionists at the LCBO would charge you more than 100% of the value of the product just to get it into the country. So, if you’re in Canada, unless you have a pal in the UK who will buy it and mail it to you, you’ll just have to stare at this picture and think “Oh, man. That is so cool.” Just like we have to do with roasted marshmallow vodka, Motorhead vodka and Whitesnake wine.

What is it? It’s a whiskey advent calendar. My husband would LOVE this. So would I. But I’m not drinking right now. It’s a shot of whiskey every morning! And the good stuff too, which is why it costs $239. There’s also a ginvent calendar for only $127.


(via Huffington Post)