Coolest advent calendar ever

This company, Master of Malt, doesn’t ship to Canada and, even if they did, the farking extortionists at the LCBO would charge you more than 100% of the value of the product just to get it into the country. So, if you’re in Canada, unless you have a pal in the UK who will buy it and mail it to you, you’ll just have to stare at this picture and think “Oh, man. That is so cool.” Just like we have to do with roasted marshmallow vodka, Motorhead vodka and Whitesnake wine.

What is it? It’s a whiskey advent calendar. My husband would LOVE this. So would I. But I’m not drinking right now. It’s a shot of whiskey every morning! And the good stuff too, which is why it costs $239. There’s also a ginvent calendar for only $127.


(via Huffington Post)

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