Craigslist vampire wants to suck your male AB- blood

A guy in Seattle is advertising himself on Craigslist as a vampire and looking for someone whose blood he can suck and who wants to have sex with him. Barf. Vampires are about as sexy as mosquitoes. I have never gotten the appeal. Why doesn’t this immortal trend die?

I can’t find the actual posting but this site says it reads like this:

“Greetings to everyone who is reading this. I am unable to give my name for obvious reason, but all you do need to know is that I am a vampire.

“I am in need of a blood donor for my personal use. Being a donor is not all fun and games, mixed with mysticism and sex; but it can be if that is what we wish.

“I am looking for either men or women, but I would prefer men since I lean more towards them in terms of blood and sex.

“It would also be great if you were either AB- or O-, for those are the blood types that I am used to.

“This would be an intimate, one-on-one, experience. I use a wide range of techniques, in case you would carry for something other than myself biting you.”

I think he means “care” for something other…

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