Africans release charity single for Norway

This is hilarious.

Africa is giving back to Norway with the charity single “Africa for Norway,” asking Africans to send their radiators to those poor, freezing Norwegians, pointing out that freezing is “just as bad as starving.”

According to this BBC report, the point they’re trying to make is that “just as it’s inaccurate to show all Norwegians as freezing to death, it’s equally misleading to show Africa as a continent of only war, disease and hunger.”

Brilliant, good natured and funny. I love it.

I also love this comment posted on the vid’s YouTube page:

“Please don’t do this. Sure it’s cold at times, but we here in Norway are managing. If you do this, then you will destroy every radiator producer and importer, and make us dependant on your aid. It would incetivize us to sit and waith for aid, in stead of preparing for winter. I bet you have the best of intentions, but I think the results would be horrendous beyond your imagination.”

Learn more at the website:


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