Boys made to hold hands as punishment for fighting. Cruel and unusual?

Westwood HighTwo Arizona high school students were made to either hold hands or face suspension for fighting on school grounds. They chose to hold hands. And people are going a little nuts about it on the school’s Facebook page.

Apparently, they were made to sit outside and were subjected to the taunts of other kids who said things like “Are you gay?” And this has people very upset. One guy wrote on FB:

“Children as young as 8 are killing themselves these days just because they KNOW they are gay. Your principal is a disgrace…I pray to god he loses his job. How professional of you to encourage ignorance, and promote the horribly misguided belief that sexual orientation is something to be made fun of…”

Another said simply:

“Your new principle should be fired. What a clueless bastard.”

Things that make you go hmmmm.

While I’ve no way of knowing the spirit in which the punishment was doled out, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to turn it into a sexuality politics issue.

“You’ve been fighting, now you hold hands!” seems like a perfectly reasonable peace-making strategy to me, whether it’s two boys, two girls or one of each, and one might assume the boys would be able to see the humour in the situation – though it’s hard to tell since they’re hiding their faces in the picture posted online.

Of course, if the principal’s intention was “Imma make you boys hold hands so everyone’ll see you for the faggots you are,” that’s another story.

Maybe he made an error in judgement, and I’m not sure he did, but if so, I’m also not sure he deserves to be raked over the coals for it.

I dunno. Curious to know what others think of this story.

Read more at ABC News.

1 thought on “Boys made to hold hands as punishment for fighting. Cruel and unusual?

  1. Uhm. Entirely appropriate punishment, such that it is. I think the guy in the blue shirt is gay. JK.

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