Artist draws only in his sleep

Lee Hadwin

Have you heard of this guy? I haven’t, but sometimes I miss things.

His name is Lee Hadwin, he’s a Welshman, and word is that he draws in his sleep.

“He has drawn numerous portraits of screen siren Marilyn Monroe but most of his artwork is of circle-inspired abstract pieces.” And scientists are said to be baffled.

Huh. All I do in my sleep is drool, and sometimes talk. My husband says one night I shouted “Hurray for the Romans!” But generally, I’m pretty unproductive.

Still, it doesn’t sound fun. Hadwin wakes up with migraines and has apparently had a hell of a time proving he’s not a fraud.

Now, it seems, he’s decided to sell off his collection of drawings – between 80 and 100 pieces – on eBay and donate half to the Missing Person charity. He hopes to raise 500,000 pounds (about a million bucks).

“My art is horrific when I’m conscious.

“I have only sold a few drawings over the years and have held off selling a lot because I’ve been told to hold onto them because they will increase in value.

“But now I have just decided to sell them all for charity.”



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