Short film written by an artificial intelligence

Cleverbot movie

Here is a movie written by Cleverbot.

Cleverbot, if you didn’t know, is a web app, created by AI scientist Rollo Carpenter “that uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to converse with humans.” It launched on the web in 1997.

Apparently, Cleverbot learns from human conversations and has had over 65 million of them (so says Wikipedia, anyway).

I’m not sure how much it has learned, though. I tried having a conversation with it and wouldn’t say it seemed that intelligent, artificial or otherwise. I’m not trying to insult Carpenter. He’s an AI scientist, after all. I’m just…well…I don’t know.

Here’s our first interaction:

Me: Hello.
Cleverbot: Hello, haha.
Me: What’s so funny?
CB: What you said about the grass being greener.
Me: I think you’re doing it wrong.
CB: I’m your slave?
Me: How does this thing work?
CB: What thing?
Me: You.
CB: I’m not a thing.
Me: Are you supposed to respond as though we are having a conversation or just spew random phrases?
CB: I’m not the bot. YOU’RE the bot.

I leave the page and surf around the site looking for instructions but I don’t find any. So, I come back and try again.

Me: Let’s try this again.
CB: Again try this.
Me: Hello Cleverbot, how are you?
CB: No… I’m Patrick.
Me: Since when?
CB: Since I was born.
Me: When were you born?
CB: 1850.
Me: Where?
CB: Ok, in Nicaragua.
Me: Really? I thought you were an artificial intelligence. They aren’t born. They’re made.
CB: I am a hired artificial intelligence.
Me: Hired by whom?
CB: My makers.
Me: I thought you said you were born, not made.
CB: I was born in Turkey.
Me: I give up.
CB: Never, never, never give up.

Anyway, this guy Chris Wilson got it to write a movie.

He says on the YouTube page, ”

“ has been touted as one of the most advanced artificial intelligences ever [Elizabeth’s note: doesn’t say much for artificual intelligences, does it?]. good is it, really? I sat down with Cleverbot and collaborated on a movie script.

What follows is a movie written by a machine.

I tried to talk to Cleverbot just like I would with a human writing partner. I set up scenarios and Cleverbot provided all of the dialog content for the scene.”

Enjoy. (Via Laughing Squid)

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