News anchor loses it while reporting on swimming fat cat

Channel 7 News is there to report all the hard hitting NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW! Where do I get a job reporting on swimming kitties? I bet I could do it without laughing, and give the story the gravitas it deserves, unlike this woman who totally collapses into giggles. How terribly unprofessional. *Shakes head*

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Dude’s talking dashboard hamster imitates cop at traffic stop

This is a little weird for a couple of reasons. First because there’s a talking Russian dashboard hamster in it (larger than scale), second because the guy is filming himself driving around and talking with the dashboard hamster (which also highlights the bizarre prevalence of car cams in Russia, as was brought to the attention of many after the recent meteor strike).

Anyway, chatty little guy, isn’t he? I’m glad it’s not in English because I bet it wouldn’t have been nearly as funny.

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Young Kraken in training.

Tee hee.