Dog feeds baby goats with milk pants

Milk Pants

Here’s a bull terrier named Gladys (yes, Gladys. I have a cousin in Scotland named Gladys) feeding hyperactive baby goats with “raw milk pants.” It’s an ad for something called Fetching Tags.

Lest you get the impression, as I did, that Gladys is not thrilled with this arrangement, rest assured. According to the YouTube page:

“The idea evolved from the fact that Gladys was completely obsessed with the baby goats, she licked them from the moment they were born, & accompanied us to bottle feed them 3 times a day – never missing a session. She cleaned all the little dribbles of milk as they drank & just adored them, lying super still on the ground while they pounced on her when they were small & running with them as they got bigger & bouncier. We joked that she would love to feed them herself, if only there was a way for her to hold the bottles. Practice for the video consisted of a failed attempt with a rigged bottle harness – she was too short & bottle angle was wrong, & what you see in the footage. She was less than a year old, & the words stand/stay were not in her vocabulary. She just stood on the hay & wore the pants while we taped & arranged goats.”

Well, OK then.

The video is 2 years old but I found it today via buzzfeed.

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