Girl catches on fire while twerking

twerking fire

This is what happens when a twerking video goes horribly, horribly wrong.

It’s OK though, because she was fine. At least fine enough to post the video with the explanation, “I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot :)”

One of the amusing things here, and there are a few, is the idea that this would have been a sexy video had she not, you know, caught on fire. I don’t understand the kids these days.

I think the commenter who posted this sums it up best:

“This is so stupid. First if you going to twerk on a door make sure it is locked so it won’t open. Or just don’t twerk on a door or at all. And second STOP DROP AND ROLL. Don’t flounder around on the couch like a fish out of water. What’s with the four candles why do you need so many?? It is light out, not even one is needed. And the coffee table. it’s glass nothing good ever comes from a glass coffee table!.”

Remember this kids: IF YOU ARE GOING TO TWERK AGAINST A DOOR MAKE SURE IT IS LOCKED SO IT WON’T OPEN. I can’t stress that enough. And NOTHING good ever comes from a glass coffee table. Nothing.

I wonder if she knows the tag on her pants is sticking out. So embarrassing.

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