Extremely weird Japanese commercials

Boil Japan

We have this book at home called Love Hotels, with pictures, by Misty Keasler, of Japanese love hotels, which are places in Japan where you can rent a room on a short term basis for the purpose of gittin’ it on.

These hotels are often elaborately and/or bizarrely decorated. On room has what look like bamboo walls, an X for manacling up your lover, and a basket of magazines. And that’s it. Another looks like this:

Love hotel


While another room has a bathtub that looks like this:

love hotel 2

Um…I think the bathtub is watching us…

What I’m trying to say is that the Japanese are weird. They also watch porn in public, but when we sent a wedding picture of ourselves kissing to my husband’s Japanese relatives, they implied that they found it racy.

Here’s some more evidence. A reel of Japanese commercials. Number three is by far the weirdest. WHAT IS IT FOR? I can’t even guess, and am afraid to.

Japanese commercials are also a thing for many an American celebrity. They head over there and pocket a chunk of change for schilling products you’ve never heard of (though sometimes it’s for products you do know. Beyoncé did one for Crystal Geyser, which is not a female porn star famous for her ejaculation skills but a brand of water), like Bruce Willis did for this um…credit card company?

(Commercial reel via Blame it on the Voices)

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