Cute “How to fight a baby” video causes uproar! Uproar, I tell you!


This is Gavin McInnes.

He’s one of the founders of Vice magazine and is also, apparently, known as the “Godfather of Hipsterdom,” though I have no idea who gave him that name.

I once knew Gavin a little bit, because I used to write for Vice magazine, back when it was called Voice in the … I’m gonna say early nineties. Mid nineties?  Whatever. (I don’t think he has anything to do with the magazine anymore) But we’re Facebook friends, so you totally know that’s like almost besties, even though I haven’t seen him in maybe 15 years.

In this video he demonstrates how to fight a baby, using his supercute own baby as an opponent (Seriously, that kid is gorgeous. But not as gorgeous as mine).  It’s clear that the kid is having an awesome time. Despite that, though, the video has been causing something of a stir online. Check out this Inside Edition report. Who is that angry woman even? Am I supposed to trust her because she’s wearing a lab coat? That is NOT how shaken baby syndrome happens. What’s going on with the world?

Anyway, here’s the video. Do you think it’s funny? Or are you angry about it? That’s a trick question since you can’t answer it, as I don’t allow comments on this blog. Too much spam. Sorry.


People get freaked out when the info they’ve posted online comes back to them

Some dude named Jack Vale has taken it upon himself to demonstrate what should be obvious to all of us but, clearly, isn’t: everything you post online, including your personal information, is available to everyone else to find.

It’s disturbing how clueless these people are. They think he’s PSYCHIC!!! Even better are the tools who threaten to call the cops – after he tells them the truth. Way to go, geniuses.

Here’s the thing: this is kinda funny but it’s also kind of not. People can find you based on what you post online. Be aware of that.

When men imitate kittens


I can’t stop looking at this Tumblr.

It blows my mind that someone out there is painstakingly looking through photos of male models and kittens, searching for matches. Because this seems like one of those things that looks easy but would actually take up a lot of time. Labour of love, I assume.

Ever wonder what it looks like inside a bird house?


If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like inside a bird house, now you can find out.

This little dude has a sweet pad, man.

I love this, mainly because I have a visceral reaction to miniature things.

JCVDamn, this is cool


Have you seen this yet? I would have posted it yesterday but ran out of time.

It’s Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two moving trucks to demonstrate the “precision and stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering.”

I wonder how they talked him into this.


Weird video is weird

Late for meeting

My eagle-eyed friend Neil, always on the lookout for stuff for me to blog about, because he’s just that kind of guy, sent me this video. It didn’t, however, come with an explanation.

It’s called “Late For Meeting” and is by one David Lewandowski.

I guess this floppy naked man is late for a meeting? That seems to be the only explanation.

It appears to be a follow up to “Going to the Store,” also by Lewandowski and starring the same guy.

Amputee dresses as shark attack victim for Halloween


There’s something beautiful about this. And a little disturbing.

Redditor Jamesahyoung spent his first Halloween as an amputee really working the theme, as a shark attack victim.

Asked if he lost his arm and leg in a shark attack, he replied, “Nope, this was just a costume idea I got from redditors. I tripped and fell under a train I was running for.”

He adds, “I paid the fare and it only took me 50 meters, so I’m out of pocket really too.”


So, dude’s sense of humour is intact. Amazing.

The Empire Strikes Kinkade


If you’ve ever looked at a Thomas Kinkade painting and thought “You know, what this scene really needs is some stormtroopers or a walker,” then you’re in luck!

An artist who appears to be simultaneously named Roland Deschane and Jeff Bennett has gone and incorporated Star Wars characters and vehicles into Kinkade’s works, wreaking havoc and whatnot. And it is a joy to behold.

Check out the rest of them at Deviant Art.

(Via Incredible Things)