Video proves that all the country music of 2013 sounds the same


I’m not one of those people who hate new country. I like it sometimes. And I don’t think music has to be deep all the farking time.

People love to go on about how lyrics were so great in the good old days and how now it’s all “baby baby baby oooh, yeah,” but have you ever listened to Love Me Do or I Wanna Hold Your Hand? Not exactly Blake, is it? Or how about ALL THE BLUES? Muddy Waters wasn’t much of a lyricist, but we don’t use that to illustrate a lack of worth, do we?

That being said, this supercut video, put together by EW’s country music writer Grady Smith to demonstrate how all the country music of 2013 sounds exactly the same is pretty great. Trucks, girls, girls in tight jeans, and girls being invited to get in trucks. In the moonlight. By the river. Brilliant.

(via Laughing Squid)

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