A funny cat video! Because you’ve never seen one before!

Farking ingrates. You give them everything and what do they do when you fall?

This is pretty hilarious.

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Swedish marines perform Greased Lightning


Oh my god! Like, two days ago my husband and I were in the kitchen singing Greased Lightning and noting what a filthy song it is for a movie that was rated PG-13 in 1978.

“You won’t get any shit, cuz you’re gettin’ lots of tit…”

“You are supreme, the chicks’ll cream for Grease Lightning…”

“You know that I ain’t bragging, she’s a real pussy wagon…”

I mean whaaaaaaaat? Even today this would be racy for PG-13. Dudes blowing each other’s heads off and dismembering the bodies, sure, but PUSSY WAGON? Chicks’ll cream? Ohemgee.

So, maybe that’s why I appreciate this video of Swedish Marines recreating Greased Lightning as much as I do. Or because it’s they’re ADORABLE. Come on. Where can I get a Swedish Marine of my very own? Is there, like, a pound or a shelter or something? PM me!

Indie movie trailer parody

This is pretty funny. Not as funny as this but amusing nonetheless.



I have no idea what’s going on, so here’s a cat on a skateboard…

What? And he does tricks! Really impressive tricks, like jumping over a rottweiller.

I swear, my cats suck. All they do is whine for canned food even though they ALREADY HAVE DISHES FULL OF CANNED FOOD. Lately they have taken to waking me up in the middle of the night to demand food, even though, as I have mentioned, they already have food, food they have liked since they decided they didn’t like the food before it, but have now decided they don’t like. Stupid cats. (Oh God, I hope they don’t read my blog or I’ll pay for that comment later)

Oh, and the skateboard is remote controlled and named Ollie.

Of course it is.

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Chicken police break up bunny fight

A friend just posted this video, from back in 2006, on Facebook.

What happens is the bunnies get into a scrap and the chicken cops come along and are like, “OK guys. Break it up, break it up.” And the bunnies do what they’re told. I wish someone as effective as these chickens was working my street. Some guy was stabbed on the sidewalk a couple of doors down from me last month. Real talks.

Six-year-old B-Girl is pretty terrific!

This Terra. She’s a B-Girl and she’s six years old. I could totally do that, I just don’t want to OK?

Husky says “Nooooooo!” to going in the kennel

This made me laugh. His name is Blaze and he’s 11 months old. He doesn’t want to go in the kennel. Nooooooo!

Deep fried PB&J Burger, delicious or disgusting?


I’m not usually the sort of person who looks at those weird, coronary-inducing contemporary food concoctions, like poutine stuffed pizza, and sneers “Ew. Look at all that fat and calories! That’s disgusting!” I usually think they look delicious. But this one is kind of disgusting.

It’s a deep fried PB&J Burger, available for a limited time at a place called PYT, in Philadelphia (I don’t know if it has anything to do with the Michael Jackson song, but I hope so). The thing apparently clocks in at 2000 calories.

I can get behind the kettle chip-encrusted peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, but it kind of loses me at the big slab of meat topped with bacon in the middle. Don’t get me wrong. I can also get behind slabs of meat topped with bacon, I’m just not sure about the total combo. I think I’d lose the burger and put the bacon inside the deep fried sammich. Yum. Now we’re talking chicken.

(via Daily Mail)

Sherlock, The Musical!


It’s Sherlock, The Musical! This needs to go to the stage.  

Restaurant releases menu of pot pairings


To celebrate the legalization of marijuana, a Colorado sushi restaurant, Hapa Sushi, released a menu of pot pairings. Unfortunately, you can’t actually smoke pot in the restaurant.

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