Six-year-old drummer rocks Welcome to the Jungle


When I was about six years old, my school put on a show. I sang a song with my boyfriend at the time, Matthew Jolly (at least, I think it was with Matthew that I sang. We were a cute couple. We used to play Wonder Woman and Superman. I was Wonder Woman. I sometimes wonder what happened to him, and whether he ever got over me). The song was “A Boy and a Girl in a Little Canoe.” We sat in a makeshift canoe made out of a box, and when I sang “Get out and swim!” he jumped out and pretended to swim on the floor.

I also played Goldilocks in a school production of “The Three Bears.” For a costume, my mother cut strips of yellow construction paper, curled them with scissors, and taped them to my head.

I’m telling you this not to show off but to put being six in perspective, so you can appreciate this kid even more. Because holy fark, he’s six! And look what he’s doing!

This was posted on Youtube over a year ago but I just saw it now when someone posted it on Facebook. I can’t remember who already, so, whoever you are, props.

(via Shock Mansion)

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