Deep fried PB&J Burger, delicious or disgusting?


I’m not usually the sort of person who looks at those weird, coronary-inducing contemporary food concoctions, like poutine stuffed pizza, and sneers “Ew. Look at all that fat and calories! That’s disgusting!” I usually think they look delicious. But this one is kind of disgusting.

It’s a deep fried PB&J Burger, available for a limited time at a place called PYT, in Philadelphia (I don’t know if it has anything to do with the Michael Jackson song, but I hope so). The thing apparently clocks in at 2000 calories.

I can get behind the kettle chip-encrusted peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, but it kind of loses me at the big slab of meat topped with bacon in the middle. Don’t get me wrong. I can also get behind slabs of meat topped with bacon, I’m just not sure about the total combo. I think I’d lose the burger and put the bacon inside the deep fried sammich. Yum. Now we’re talking chicken.

(via Daily Mail)

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