Meerkat gets tickled, laughs

And now here’s someone tickling a meerkat.


Man runs first human ever loop de loop

This is so cool. This guy Damien Walters is a free runner, which I guess means he runs upside down. It’s like a roller coaster, but a lot more work and way scarier in its own way, but not for us, because we’re not doing it.

I feel it bears noting that running a loop de loop has nothing whatsoever to do with drinking Pepsi Max. Advertising is weird.

(via Mashable)

The best cello rendition of ACDC’s Thunderstruck you’ll hear all day

This is actually amazing.

I have mixed feeling about symphonic metal, metal acts playing with orchestras, and string covers of metal tracks (which are usually Metallica tracks). But this? This.  THIS.

These guys are Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser of Croatia, known as 2Cellos.

Brilliant Girl Scout sets up cookie shop outside marijuana dispensary


This little genius named Danielle Lei raked in the dough selling Girl Scout cookies outside the Green Cross cannabis dispensary in San Francisco this week.

She’s going to go far in life, I bet. The Girl Scouts of Northern Cali are fine with the idea. 

“Girls are selling cookies, and they and their parents pick out places where they can make good sales,” Dana Allen, the director of marketing and communications told Mashable. “The mom decided this was a place she was comfortable with her daughter being at … We’re not telling people where they can and can’t go if it’s a legitimate business.”

Not so the Girl Scouts of Colorado. When a photoshopped pic of three Scouts selling cookies outside of medical marijuana store recently surfaced online, they Tweeted:

No vision.

(Via Mashable, image: Green Cross)

Horse head squirrel feeder


This just made me LOL. The indignity!

Here it is in action outside, just for another angle, with grass.


(Via Laughing Squid)

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Kiddie lit style illustrations from R-rated movies by Pixar artist

fightclub_watermarked_8.5x11 jesus_watermarked_8.5x11

These are awesome. I didn’t know all the movies but I think I got most of them.

They’re by Pixar storyboard artist, Josh Cooley, who has worked on some of the company’s biggest movies, including Up and The Incredibles. He’s created a book titled Movies R Fun!: A Collection of Cinematic Classics for the Pre-(Film) School Cinephile.

You can see more from the book here.

clockwork_watermarked_8.5x11 pulp_watermarked prof_watermarked_8.5x11 nocount_watermarked3 fightclub_watermarked_8.5x11

Four year old kid calls 911 for math help

OK, this is four years old. But it’s a classic and every time I watch it, I do a total guffaw at the end. So, I figured I’d post it.

A four-year-old boy needed help with his math and, since his parents had obviously told him that if he ever needed help he’s to call 911, that’s what he did. This kid is smart. But not at math. I love how helpful the operator is too.


Jewellery that smells like food!!!


I have a real weakness for miniature things that are shaped like food. I mean I LOVE THEM. When I’m feeling down, all I need to do to feel a little bit better is put on some of my mini cupcake-shaped lipgloss. Unfortunately, they ever smell much like the things they’re supposed to be, but you can’t have everything, where would you put it? – as Steven Wright used to say.


Apparently, these mini food shaped charms on necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets by Tiny Hands smell like the foods they are shaped like. Pancakes! Eggs! Waffles! Doughnuts, cinnamon buns and muffins! Not all of them, though. The corn dog smells like maple syrup, for some reason, but that’s not a bad thing. I don’t think I’d want to smell like a corn dog.

I can’t stand it…I need these now.

Buy me some here.
bacon-scented-fried-egg-necklace maple-syrup-scented-corn-dog-necklace scented-blueberry-muffin-necklace scented-butter-maple-syrup-waffle-ring scented-charming-candies-bracelet scented-cinnamon-roll-necklacescented-snow-cone-earrings scented-sugar-chocolate-donut-necklace(Via Incredible Things)


100 year old BFFs talk pop culture

100 yr old bffs

Here are two women with a lot of life experience – friends since 2nd grade and 100 years old – talking about selfies, twerking, iPhones, Justin Beaver and the baby name North.

Cupcake toothpaste


I’m getting kind of excited about these new toothpaste flavours from Crest, like Chocolate Mint Trek, and Lime Spearmint Zest.

I’ve read quite a few blogs and articles where people are all “EW! Toothpaste has to be MINTY and only MINTY! Those people are so crazy I can’t believe it!”

Meh. You need to get out more. If it cleans your teeth, it cleans your teeth. I will totally try it.

I would also try cupcake toothpaste, which I just discovered.

“Brushing your teeth with real frosting kind of defeats the purpose, but with this Cupcake Toothpaste you get all the fabulous flavor of frosting without another root canal! Just put a dollop on your brush and after a few minutes of vigorous brushing your whole mouth will feel frosted!”

Yes, please. I don’t think I’d try pickle toothpaste or bacon toothpaste. But definitely cupcake toothpaste.


(Via I Born for This)