Jewellery that smells like food!!!


I have a real weakness for miniature things that are shaped like food. I mean I LOVE THEM. When I’m feeling down, all I need to do to feel a little bit better is put on some of my mini cupcake-shaped lipgloss. Unfortunately, they ever smell much like the things they’re supposed to be, but you can’t have everything, where would you put it? – as Steven Wright used to say.


Apparently, these mini food shaped charms on necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets by Tiny Hands smell like the foods they are shaped like. Pancakes! Eggs! Waffles! Doughnuts, cinnamon buns and muffins! Not all of them, though. The corn dog smells like maple syrup, for some reason, but that’s not a bad thing. I don’t think I’d want to smell like a corn dog.

I can’t stand it…I need these now.

Buy me some here.
bacon-scented-fried-egg-necklace maple-syrup-scented-corn-dog-necklace scented-blueberry-muffin-necklace scented-butter-maple-syrup-waffle-ring scented-charming-candies-bracelet scented-cinnamon-roll-necklacescented-snow-cone-earrings scented-sugar-chocolate-donut-necklace(Via Incredible Things)


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