Mask turns your dog into a unicorn


Here is a mask that turns your dog into a unicorn. Because dogs are boring.

It’s made by Hiroko, and sits on a page amid all kinds of normal style crocheted clothing, which makes it even more amusing. Looks, a sweater! Oh, and a mask that turns your dog into a unicorn, in case you were looking for that too.

(Via Neatorama)






This is not a parrot


I got body painted once and it turned out to be one of the worst things I’ve ever had to endure. Standing still for hoooooooooooours, and hours, and hours. And the paint was icky, then itchy. Then there was a photoshoot (it was for some Canadian fashion magazine. I forget which one). And I think I got paid, like 75 bucks.

So, I doubt this woman is having much fun.

Still, the result is much cooler than mine was. She’s a BIRD!

The artist is Johannes Stotter, “BODYPAINTING WORLD CHAMPION 2012 category brush/sponge.” Did you there was a BODYPAINTING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (in all caps, no less), and that is has categories???

Stotter also does frogs. And other things. Check out the video below.



(Via The Daily Mail)

Doggie igloo clown car



LOL is all I have to say.

Man goes to huge Magic: the Gathering tournament. Poses next to butt cracks.


My friend posted a picture of himself on Facebook with his cat on his head, and that is my favourite picture of the day.

My other favourite pictures of the day? These.

Redditor and genius OB1FBM explains, “I participated in one of the biggest Magic: the Gathering tournaments of all time this weekend. In an effort to document it, I posed for pictures near people with exposed asscracks. I present to you Grand Prix Richmond Crackstyle.”

This project really requires no further explanation.

Butt_Cracks_5 Butt_Cracks_4 Butt_Cracks_3 Butt_Cracks_2 Butt_Crack_6

(If you want to see more mancracks go to OB1’s Imgur page)

Hairpiece plays Huey Lewis songs on piano


Bored? Old Spice has a thing where you can type in a Huey Lewis song and a hairpiece will play it on piano.

I used to wear a wig sometimes, back in the 1990s, for fun. It never did anything interesting by itself.

Go here to amuse yourself:


Girl shows what foreign languages sound like with gibberish

This is really good.

Smoukahontas (I’m sure it’s her real name) of Finland demonstrates what foreign languages sound like, using gibberish.

She says, “Me goofing around, showing what certain languages sound like to me. The sentences in this video are made up apart from a few exceptions. Dont take it too seriously! Im retarded :)”

I know some people who would be supermad about her use of the word “retarded.”


Swimsuit model pumps up the jam

Here is an American Apparel model busting moves to Technotronic’s “Pump Up The Jam.”

Now “Pump Up The Jam” is stuck in my head. This is not actually as rare an occurrence as one might imagine. I actually get “Pump Up The Jam” stuck in my head on a fairly regular basis. I have no idea why this is. But it is.