This is not a parrot


I got body painted once and it turned out to be one of the worst things I’ve ever had to endure. Standing still for hoooooooooooours, and hours, and hours. And the paint was icky, then itchy. Then there was a photoshoot (it was for some Canadian fashion magazine. I forget which one). And I think I got paid, like 75 bucks.

So, I doubt this woman is having much fun.

Still, the result is much cooler than mine was. She’s a BIRD!

The artist is Johannes Stotter, “BODYPAINTING WORLD CHAMPION 2012 category brush/sponge.” Did you there was a¬†BODYPAINTING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (in all caps, no less), and that is has categories???

Stotter also does frogs. And other things. Check out the video below.



(Via The Daily Mail)

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