Goose herder herds a lot of geese, like a crazy amount of geese

That’s a lot of geese.


Pot vending machine

Pot vending machine needs your drivers license. Dispenses “pot products.” Then this report degenerates into caviar and night crawlers. I dunno.

50 Cent joins forces with Jehovah’s Witnesses to get deaf people to stop masturbating*

You’ve already seen this, right?

My husband sent it to me months ago and I was so busy watching it 27 times that I forgot to post it.

Anyway, in case you haven’t seen it…

* I’m kidding. I’m pretty sure Fitty isn’t actually involved here.

When wild animals meet models


Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova took these surreal pics with the help of animal trainers.

I keep looking at them over and over.

katerina-plotnikova-racoon katerina-plotnikova-owl katerina-plotnikova-fox katerina-plotnikova-elephant

(Via Bored Panda)

Nice cat rolls the toilet paper back up

Here is a cat named Willie unrolling the toilet paper, then rolling it back up. Because he is tidy and thoughtful.

(Via Laughing Squid)

Fancy chocolate toothpaste

This is the fanciest looking toothpaste you have ever seen. And it should be. It costs “upwards of” a hundred bucks a tube. And it tastes like chocolate.

I wonder if they’re sending out free tubes to bloggers.

Hi! Theodent! Over heeeeeeere! Hi! Hi! Hi!

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This is a man covered in bees


This is a man covered in bees.

She Ping, a beekeeper in Chonhqing, southwest China, apparently did this as a “personal challenge.”

For some of us a “personal challenge” is getting to work on time four days a week, or waiting until seven pm to drink wine. Things mean different things to different people.

She Ping, who is actually breaking his own record for “dude covered in the most bees” here, said he was “hot, suffocating and nervous” and was stung more than 20 times. Which is really not a lot when you think about it.

See more crazy pics at The Guardian!

Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” drum fill looped for a half hour

Because you know how when you listen to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” and you get to the drum fill you always think “Man, I wish this was a half hour long!”