Zoo offers massages from giant Burmese pythons


The Cebu CIty Zoo in the Philippines is now offering snake massages by four Burmese pythons as part of its move toward becoming more “interactive.”

“Except for the snake trying to constrict my neck it’s actually quite comfortable,” says the dude getting a massage.

A ringing endorsement!

The snakes weigh a combines 250kg, and each is fed a chicken dinner before the treatment.

This looks like it will eventually end badly.


An artist made a neat video


This is a pretty cool video.

The YouTube page explains (well, the page doesn’t explain. What’s written on it does. You know what I mean):

“Using a unique animation technique involving traditional animation cels and his iphone 5s, Hombre_mcsteez turns everyday life into an odd creature infested cartoon universe.”

I really like it.


(via Geekologie)

That is a LOT of bats

That’s a lot of bats. Like, a LOT of bats. I don’t even…like, I mean, that’s a lot of bats.

Boob enhancement cookies

f_cup_cookiesThese cookies claim to make your boobs grow.

According to Japan Trends, “The F-Cup Cookies have been deliberately and scientifically designed to help increase your bust size. It’s seems incredible but they include a 50mg dose of the Pueraria Mirifica plant, which apparently helps them give a boost to your assets.”

I am going to go ahead and suggest that this PROBABLY DOESN’T WORK.

Regardless, “the makers claim if you eat just a couple a day, you will notice the difference. Originating from here in Japan, the F-Cup Cookies have swept like wildfire across other parts of Asia.”

Wildfire, I tell you!

Can I just point out that the woman in the ad doesn’t even have particularly big boobs? Maybe she needs to eat some cookies.


Cramazing* tattoos


Yes. This is a real tattoo. By this guy. 

I think you have to go to Hungary to get one, though, and I bet he’s booked through your 80th birthday.


Man finds baby moose, takes it to Tim Horton’s


I. Am. Canadian!

OMG, baby mooses are adorable. This little newborn dude is now at the Wild at Heart Animal Refuge Centre in Lively, ON.

It seems¬†Stephane Desgroseillers found him (it’s a him, not a her, they found out later) by the highway, still attached to the umbilical cord, but mama nowhere in sight.

“The animal shelter he tried to reach was closed, so he took the moose home for the night. The next day, Desgroseillers stopped for coffee at Tim Hortons before taking the young moose to the Wild at Heart Animal Refuge Centre.”

Of course he did.

(via CTV)


Hahahahahaha. The doggie on the right is hilarious

This made me LOL.

Unicorn barf



Remember how to make unicorn poop cookies? (If you don’t, take a refresher course here)

Well, here’s a recipe for unicorn barf – so now you’ve got it coming out both ends. Yay!

As Instructables user Danger Is My Middle Name says, “What is a bad day for a unicorn is a delicious day for everyone else! They are super simple to make and look really pretty!”

Get the instructions here.

Scorpion pizza


There will be some interesting food available at the Calgary Stampede this year.

It includes deep fried donut bacon cheeseburgers and crocodile patties, which aren’t that weird. I mean, I’ve eaten all these things – donuts, bacon, cheeseburgers, crocodile meat (unless it was alligator meat…It was a soul food restaurant. I forget) but the scorpion pizza? That’s a little weird. Not for cultures where bugs are a regular dietary feature, no, but it’s weird in my house, where arachnids are cause for screaming, not mouth watering.

Would you eat it?

See more Stampede food at the CBC.

(Via Nerdalicious)

Ron Jeremy Rum



Did you know this existed? I didn’t.

Like all the cool, interesting or amusing alcohol choices in the world, this is not available to us in Canada unless you want to order from the U.S. and pay over 100% duty to the government to get it into the country. But, you know, just so you know it’s out there.