Weird video by weird people who have had lots of plastic surgery


This is bizarre, disconcerting, horrible, and I think maybe postmodern. But I’m not sure.

These are The Plastics (not to be confused with The Plastics of Mean Girls fame). Youtube says:

“The Plastics are made up of Toby Sheldon — the man who underwent $100,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber, Venus D’Lite — a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race who has spent thousands to look like her idol Madonna, and Kitty Jay who spent $25,000 to look like Jennifer Lawrence. The song features Adam Barta, who co-wrote the lyrics.”

Maybe they sort of kind of look a little like those people? If you squint, and get really drunk?

Whatever. It so freaky it’s almost high art.

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