Bad parkour. I could totally do this.


You know how you’re always coming up with ideas* for awesome creative projects and 99.9%** of them never materialize? Then, once in a while, someone else goes and does it and you’re all “HEY! THAT WAS MY IDEA, DIRTBAG!”

I have this one, it’s called “Pick Your Ass.” My plan is to take pictures of people’s naked butts – just the butt – like dozens of them, maybe hundreds, label them so that only I know whose is whose, then mount them on a wall and invite everyone to see if they can pick their own ass out of a lineup. I love this idea. I have been talking about doing it for about five years. I will probably never do it.

No, nobody has gone and done that. That would be insane.

But my husband has been talking for about as long about making a “parkour” video of himself jumping on and off curbs and such and taking it very seriously. And now someone has gone and done that.  “HEY! THAT WAS MY HUSBAND’S IDEA, DIRTBAG!”

It’s not exactly the same but it’s pretty close. Oh well. It’s amusing.

When you’re drunk

** 100%

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