Ducks showcase fashions from the 1800s


Here are those pictures you’ve been waiting for from the Pied Piper Duck Show in Sydney Australia.

According to Brian Harrington, who runs the show:

“The famous dressed up ducks have their own dressmaker who individually styles each costume to a theme or era. We have covered day wear, evening wear, bridal wear, race day attire, ‘Dryzabone’ and even a Jane McGrath Foundation inspired gown. They are currently showcasing costumes from the 1800’s era as well as favourites from the past.”

(Via My Modern Met)

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Penguin slap fight


“No, you stoppit.”

“No, you.”

“OK. Let’s all stoppit.”

“HEY! Stoppit.”

“No, you stoppit.”

Puppy takes leap of faith and it all turns out awesome

I want a doooooog! I want a dog. I WANT A DOG.


86 year old gymnast

This woman is 86 years old.



How to feed 7 motherf****ers for under $5


“I don’t know what the f*ck this is. It’s just somethin’ sweet for the f*ckin’ kids, OK?”

This is Auntie Fee, a.k.a. Sista Girl. I love her.

Hilarious. Plus, in all seriousness, she is teaching valuable lessons about cooking on a budget. Sh*t. Motherf***er. She’s f***in’ awesome. I tag this high art.