Bike lights look like balls

These bike lights look like balls. Why?

The creator, someone named Heather, writes on Bored Panda, “Our tagline is ‘it takes grit, wit, and balls to ride, so show em’ what you got’ – we believe in this and want cyclists to gain better visibility, while bringing a bit of humour to the commute, and diffusing any road tension between disgruntled drivers who don’t like to share the road. We’re encouraging cyclists to feel more confident, people will notice you and your glowing Bike Balls, and you will be safer because they see you!”

They launched a Kickstarter and made their target in three days.

Heather says, “Most people fall into two categories: the ‘Ball-Haters’ and the ‘Ball-Lovers.'”

I guess this proves there are a lot of ball lovers out there.

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Panda font makes your communications more panda-y

giant-panda-font-wwf-14Wondering what font to use on your resume? WWF Japan has created a Panda Font to raise awareness and encourage donations for their panda fund-raising campaign. The letters look like pandas and it was designed together with Ogilvy & Mather Japan.

Giant pandas are endangered. Only 1,864 of them exist in the wild. Using this font will help raise awareness of their plight, says Bored Panda, except that I don’t know where you can download it.  Close ups here.


(See more at Bored Panda)


Echidna sneezing

Here is an echidna sneezing. Gesundheit, little dude.

(via Incredible Things)

Two girls try to make each other swallow a cockroach, because Japan

I don’t know what the prize is for the winner of this Japanese game show but I can’t think of anything that would induce me to participate.


Wookiee hoodie


This hoodie called the I Am Chewie by We Love Fine makes you look like Chewbacca from the waist up. I like it. It will probably come in handy if you find yourself in a hostile neighbourhood on Kashyyyk and want to blend it, as long as you’re sitting down, of course, like driving your car. As soon as you stood up and weren’t wearing Wookiee pants your cover would be blown.

Chewie_3 Chewie(Via Laughing Squid)

These floors are magic


I want this. I’m in love up in here. These are epoxy floors by Dubai company Imperial. LOOK IT IS A DOLPHIN IN YOUR FLOOR, AND FISH, AND A WATERFALL.

I cannot get one, though, because it needs to be done by craftspeople, so I’ll wait until someone in Canada picks up on the idea, which they will because it’s too cool to ignore. Check it out. These floors are amazing.

Floor_4 Floor_3 Floor_2 Floor_1(Via Bored Panda)

Sloth taking selfies

Seriously. Frikkin narcissists and their damn selfies. Must be a millennial sloth.