Japanese spa offers ramen baths because of course it does


Ramen, it’s not just for eating anymore.

Yunessun Spa House in Hakone, Japan, is apparently offering baths in pork broth because it’s high in collagen and the idea is that bathing in it is good for your skin because collagen is an essential for skin elasticity and diminishes as we age. It looks like silly fun, though any purported benefits from bathing in it are probably bullshit. And what benefits the (synthetic) noodles are supposed to have is anyone’s guess.

One woman said, “It feels like bathing in a real noodle bowl,” which may or may not be supposed to be a selling point.

If this looks appealing to you and you can’t afford a trip to Japan you could probably buy yourself a couple hundred packs of ramen noodles at the dollar store.

Yunessun also offers coffee, tea, sake, and red wine baths.

(via First we Feast)

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