A hummingbird feeder you wear on your face

eye2eye_hummingbird_feederThis is the Eye2Eye wearable hummingbird feeder from HeatStick.  You wear it on your head and tiny little hummingbirds come and eat right in front of your face.

From the website:

“It is based on a Full-Face Face Shield with a miniaturized hummingbird feeding tube built into it on the inside. Hummingbirds feed right in front of your eyes, right between your eyes, about an inch above your nose …”


Here is a video of it in action. What I can’t tell is how long that guy sat there waiting for a hummingbird to come and eat from his face feeder. Maybe it’s a trained hummingbird. I don’t know if that’s a thing, but it would be cool, right?

(via Incredible Things)


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