Instagram of the most depressingly named places on Earth

Sad_Topographies_3Someone made an Instagram featuring the most depressingly named places on Earth. @sadtopographies features places like Killer Lake and Unfortunate Cove, with no explanations of why they’re called these things.

Google tells me that Unfortunate Cove is in Newfoundland, but not much else. Wikipedia tells me that Disappointment Island in New Zealand “not to be confused with Disappointments Island in French Polynesia” – for real – is where, in 1866, the General Grant, a full-rigged ship of 1,103 tons, crashed into the towering cliffs. Sixty-eight passengers died and 15 survivors made their way to the island, where they waited 18 months for rescue. Then, in 1907, the Dundonald, a steel, four-masted barque, sank after running ashore on the west side of the island. “Twelve men drowned and sixteen survivors waited seven months for rescue.”

So, really, disappointment is a bit of an understatement.

Sad_Topographies_2 Sad_Topographies

(Via The Atlantic)

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