What is a skronk?

“Skronk” n.  Term attributed to Robert Christgau by Lester Bangs in 1981’a ‘A Reasonable Guide to Horrible Noise’ referring to music of the late ’70s art-punk movement.

 The Stooges, ‘L.A. Blues’, The Germs ‘Forming/Live’  

“Skronk” v. Saskatchewan slang for sex.

 “I don’t know how to tell you this but I skronked your wife last night. Sorry.” 

“Skronk” adj. Used to describe dissonant or discordant sounds made by musical instruments.

 “That guitar was awfully skronky.” 

“Skronk” v. Verb of unknown meaning in the short play ‘No Skronking’ by Shel Silverstein.

“After reading a sign at the lunch counter that prohibits “skronking,” Arnold becomes obsessed and relentlessly interrogates Bertha, a waitress, for its definition. The conversation goes in circles until Bertha suspects Arnold of having the dangerous potential of being a “skronker”…whatever that is.” (Barnes & Noble)

7 thoughts on “What is a skronk?

  1. Always something new to learn on the Internet. 🙂 Thanks.


  2. SKRONKERZ are the immortal beings that created the universe and all of the galaxies and everything of that nature. SKRONKERZ live amongst you but no one knows who they are except themselves and a few close to them. SKRONKERZ are so fucking awesome that they can kill people without doing anything. SKRONKERZ can do anything and everything they want to. SKRONKERZ can make tidal waves with their skeet. It is believed that one SKRONKER goes by the alias of Skeet Bandit, more commonly known as SB.

  3. Skronk- The Snorting sound made by the
    former WWF/WWE Wrestler The Ultimate Warrior.

    The “Skronk” sound is simular to a pig snorting

  4. It is also believed that there is some sort of trial or test so see if someone is worthy of becoming a SKRONKER. It is also said that the trials are impossible and should never, under ANY circumstances, be attempted.

  5. skronk in rock ‘n roll is the good stuff, the stuff that’s got grit, the hookiest of hooks and the riffingest of riffs

  6. One could say that Justin Bieber ain’t got no Skronk in him, whereas Albert Ayler was so full of Skronk that it used to follow him around asking people on the street for directions to the party.

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