This guy made his kid an Optimus Prime cake that actually transforms. Boom.

Need proof that you suck the big one as a parent? I got your back. Here you go. An Optimus Prime cake that ACTUALLY WORKS AS A TRANSFORMER. What did you get for your kid’s last birthday? Some supermarket piece of junk with a train on it? Yeah. You suck.

This guy, on the other hand, rocks so hard Slayer has a shrine to him in their studio.

(via Incredible Things)


Man performs CPR on a squirrel

This guy found a squirrel floating lifeless in a pool and saved it with CPR. Because he is awesome. Who does that?

I’m a little worried because that looks like a baby squirrel and I don’t know where his mommy is but maybe I’m overthinking this. I have a tendency to overthink things.