I don’t usually post fart-related content but this is funny

Babies getting scared by farts.


Make your baby useful with Baby Mop suit


Sick of your freeloading kid?

I like this idea.

• Transform your aimless crawling baby into a cleaning machine
• Save tons of money on house-cleaning costs
• A soft and cosy onesie made from 100% cotton
• Also very effective if you’re looking to polish the Porsche
• Teach your little one the virtues of a strong work ethic
• Broom handle attachment coming soon
• Crawl! And the dirt is gone.

Get it here. 


Brilliant Girl Scout sets up cookie shop outside marijuana dispensary


This little genius named Danielle Lei raked in the dough selling Girl Scout cookies outside the Green Cross cannabis dispensary in San Francisco this week.

She’s going to go far in life, I bet. The Girl Scouts of Northern Cali are fine with the idea. 

“Girls are selling cookies, and they and their parents pick out places where they can make good sales,” Dana Allen, the director of marketing and communications told Mashable. “The mom decided this was a place she was comfortable with her daughter being at … We’re not telling people where they can and can’t go if it’s a legitimate business.”

Not so the Girl Scouts of Colorado. When a photoshopped pic of three Scouts selling cookies outside of medical marijuana store recently surfaced online, they Tweeted:

No vision.

(Via Mashable, image: Green Cross)

Six-year-old B-Girl is pretty terrific!

This Terra. She’s a B-Girl and she’s six years old. I could totally do that, I just don’t want to OK?

Dad colours his kids’ drawings with amazing results


I don’t always care for this sort of thing but the results here are actually kind of spectacular.

A dad decided to colour in his kids’ pencil drawings.

He says, “I fly out of state to work 10 days out of each month. When I go, the kids give me pictures they’ve drawn. I color them on the plane and give the pictures back to them when I return. Nothing fancy.”

I hate false modesty.


See more here (via Reddit)