Awesome Halloween house light display set to Ghostbusters theme song


Here is a house decked out with lights that do some groovy stuff to the Ghostbusters theme song by Creative Lighting Displays, which is famous for their holiday display videos. It involves “4 singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods, 2 Matrix boards and thousands of lights.”

Every time I hear this song I try to remember who sued who, did Huey Lewis and the News sue Ray Parker Jr. or the other way around? Or did I imagine the whole thing? I could probably just Google it but by the time I get around to it I will have lost interest in the question.

(via Geekologie)


Uptown Funk as sung by 280 movies. WHO HAS THIS KIND OF TIME?


No, seriously. WHO HAS THIS KIND OF TIME???? If you devoted one tenth of the energy it took to create this to eradicating world hunger or I don’t know, finding a way to communicate with aliens or whales or mollusks or something, just think of what you could accomplish!!! JUST THINK.

Instead we have this. Which it cool too, I guess.

Miss Piggy sings Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money”

I’ll just leave this here.


Street musician plays Liszt on glasses filled with water. What’s your talent, huh?

I found this on Laughing Squid. It’s from 2014 but I thought it was cool. The guy’s name is Petr Spatina and he’s a Prague street musician. He’s playing a glass harp rendition of La Campanella from Grandes études de Paganini by Franz Liszt.

I wonder if he knows how to play Itsy Bitsy Spider. No matter what my husband plays on the piano – Tom Waits, Bach, whatever – she always stops him and yells “Itsy Bitsy Spider, Daddy!!” It’s cute. So, I thought I’d mention it.

I can’t play anything.

Oh my god WTF is happening here?

Oh, Japan. Don’t ever change.


Blues cover of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme

Samurai Guitarist says “Ever wonder what the theme to Fresh Prince would’ve sounded like if Will came from down in the Mississippi delta? My buddy Jeff and I did.”

I actually never did wonder that. But this is still pretty cool. Steve Jobs once said people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

Lego classic rock bands


A guy named Adly Syairi Ramly has turned some Lego figures into rock bands. I bet these would sell, though I will admit that I thought Jimi Hendrix was Phil Lynott at first. There are more at Guitar Player.

the-clash-lego jimi-hendrix-lego led-zeppelin-lego the-beatles-lego metallica-lego

Is H&M creating and “honoring” neo-Nazi metal bands?


Did H&M create fake neo-Nazi metal bands in order to “honor” them and sell clothes?

Metal Injection is investigating the weirdness.

A marketing campaign by some entity calling itself Strong Scene Productions claimed to be designed to sell a new “metal” line by the Swedish retailer.

The campaign purported to be highlighting forgotten underground metal bands of yore. The weird thing? None of them actually appeared to exist before a couple of weeks ago.

“As illustrated by the bomber jacket and t-shirts worn by the models of H & M, the new items feature logos from long-forgotten underground goth- and thrash acts such as the French LANY, Mexican MORTUS, American “cosmic hippie metal” -gurus MYSTIC TRIANGLE and GREY from Germany – the originator of the whole symphonic female metal-genre.

“Here’s the problem, none of these bands have any sort of history beyond pages created this year. For example, Strong Scene claims to be founded in 1999, yet they only recently launched a Facebook page. They have an amazing Geocities-like “official” website listing all their bands, none of which have info on them available anywhere.”

A Reddit member claiming to remember one of the bands from high school had only been a Reddit member for a few hours.

Strong Scene posted a video to YouTube featuring these supposed “legendary” underground groups.

And some guy on Twitter who’s a metal something or other claims these bands are all his favourites, though the tweets have been removed since Metal Injection posted them. See them there. 


“But here is the absolute worst part, if this is all a giant marketing stunt. Two of the bands seem to have ties to the NSBM scene (that’s National Socalist Black Metal aka racists/neo-nazis). For example, the bio of the band “The One” lists them as being a part of the official band page of the record label “National Heritage Pride.” The band LA/NY have imagery of Hitler on their band profile.”


The image has since been removed from wherever it came from. But still. What the what?

There’s more. Read it here.

H&M reportedly says they know nothing about any of this, and after the story broke, it seems that Strong Scene distanced themselves from H&M and claimed the whole thing was some kind of joke, and that they are actually “a one- time improvised, collective art project in the vein of Spinal Tap, Monty Python and the Yes Men with no intentions on anything except for art.”

Er, yes. Just like Spinal Tap. But with Hitler. Makes sense. Either that or a super idiotic campaign gone horribly wrong.

Either way, I vote this one a big fail. Your art, I like it not, Strong Scene.

Bluegrass version of Thunderstruck

I just thought you might enjoy this bluegrass rendition of Thunderstruck. Fingerpickin’ good.

Rap about why you shouldn’t stay in school is brilliant

I’ve been a fan of this guy Dave for a while now, and the level of that fandom just jumped even higher. I love this. If I were 20 years younger and single I’d have a crush.